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Christian Faith

Djurs Bowleren

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The name "Hawk's Nest" comes from the fact that our family name is Hawkins.
Hawk's Nest is in Denmark, on the outskirts of a town called
Martin and Michael have now flown from the nest!



This site is dedicated to things which interest our family. The most important of these is our christian faith.

Bente is very keen on quilting. See how she is getting along with her Dear Jane Quilt, her Dear Hannah Quilt, her Amish Circle Quilt or her other quilts.
Or maybe you'd like to see her
Knitting Gallery.

Bente and I went to a quilt exhibition in Aalborg. She took a couple of pictures!

Terry is a keen bowler! Our local club is called Djurs Bowleren.

The best football club in England? Arsenal - of course! (closely followed by GILLINGHAM!!).

Wanna see the pictures from our trip to England in Easter 2007? They're here!

Or the pictures from Summer 2007, when we had special guests from England? They're here!

Here's the pictures from Summer 2008, when we again had special guests from England!

If you feel an uncontrollable urge to contact us - Terry or Bente - please feel free to do so!



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